Start Your Blog for Free : Best Platforms

Best Platforms to Start Your Blogging Career

Start Your Blog for Free : Best Platforms
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Hey all 👋, how you doing! Hope everything going in your way.

Many of you would be looking for a place where you can write and share your content and knowledge with several others and to connect with others to build some great amount of community.

So, this post is going to be very useful for those who wants to write their articles, blogs, technical stuff etc through which they want to share their knowledge and content to whole of the needy people out there looking for some true and on-point information to solve their issues or to gain or learn what you can offer them.

Hence, with this post all your queries related to where to write, where to publish, how to reach the community of readers and most importantly the valuable and known platform where to share the knowledge and content related to any niche of your interest.

As I said, we will walk through some of the advanced and great writing platforms which is accessed and used by Millions of people out there like you, to share their knowledge and experience with the others to help them, to get suggestion and feedback and most importantly to learn new things and techniques through all these.

Because when, knowledge_is_shared = (knowledge)2

Hence not taking your much time and making you bored let’s check which are those platforms on which you can write and find great audience to you blog or the article.

List of Platforms to write the Blog or Articles✍

The list of platforms is in decreasing order based on the features they provide you as a writer.

5. Blogger

freesnippingtool.com_capture_20210707214518.png Blogger is an American online content management system owned by Google. It provides you to write the blogs and articles in the easiest way with a free sub-domain named as Like if you want to keep the name of your blog as XYZ then the domain for your blog can be – it is the name through which the audience will find your blog posts.

Blogger provides you to upload images, videos, text etc, you can use different templates provided by Blogger which can change the view of your blog or you can map your own template by finding it on google or writing the coding by yourself.

It also provides you a way to earn from your blog posts through connecting your Blogger account to the Goggle AdSense or any web monetization platform or to any Ad network to show ads to your blog. But for this you have to be somewhat wait as it has to meet certain requirements.

You also have to connect your blogger to Google web master like Google search console, Google analytics, Goggle tag manager, Bing etc to reach your content to a greater number of people.

You can check my Blog that I made using Blogger –

4. WordPress

freesnippingtool.com_capture_20210707214537.png WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It is much popular than the Blogger and provides many more features than Blogger. Here you can create your website or the blog for all free. But need have some basic knowledge of using the WordPress platform as it is not easy and confusing to use.

It also provides a free subdomain named as Like if you want to keep the name of your blog as XYZ then the domain for your blog can be or the available domain name – it is the name through which the audience will find your blog posts.

It has many more functions and extensions than Blogger which are called as plugins. You need to have some good knowledge to use these plugins and if you can use them pretty well then, a great number of audiences can end up to coming to your website or the blog.

Same as Blogger you have to connect your WordPress domain to the Google web master to reach more audience and better list your posts and articles on google. Also, you can earn by connecting your domain to any web monetization tool or the Ad network, but again here came the play of plugins because through only plugins you can show something to your website or blog while using WordPress as a platform.

Start your Blog or website using WordPress -

3. Medium

freesnippingtool.com_capture_20210707214556.png Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic. It’s a place to write, read and connect. It accessed and used by a very large community of writers, readers and learners and all of those are professional, hence you get a quality content to read on the medium.

It also provides a free subdomain named as Like if you want to keep the name of your profile as XYZ then the domain for your blog is or the available domain name – it is the name through which the audience will find your blog posts.

It doesn’t provide you more features like WordPress but what makes it better then WordPress is its popularity and ranking of the posts on any search engine. If you write a post on medium then it will rank very high on the google and hence people notice and reach to your post. Also, the available community of people that are registered on medium find your post on the homepage of medium and hence if find interesting many of them comes to read to your blog.

You don’t have to do much on medium just have to focus on writing the articles and other thing will happen automatically, you can also earn by using their medium partner program where you get earning by the readers who read your posts.

Want to start at Medium or Check my Medium Blog -

2. Dev Community

freesnippingtool.com_capture_20210707214616.png DEV Community is a community of 650,754 amazing developers. They are a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. It’s a great platform to write your articles and blog posts. You can read thousands of articles on their feed as published daily by several others – that’s what I love about dev community, because you don’t know which great article can help you to grow your knowledge.

It provides you a lot of features like you can write your article using Markdown feature – this is truly amazing, a dashboard where you can check your post views, comments and likes, link to your personal website or portfolio, web monetization, import your articles using RSS and GitHub. You can also connect your GitHub profile to Dev community.

As of now you will be provided with a username of your choice and you can land on this page, where all your posts, comments and activities will be visible to the other users, this page will help you to connect with thousands of developers registered on Dev Community.

Let me tell you, on their new updates they have provided a feature where you can make your own website or the blog using the free domain name by netlify and stackbit. They mentioned something like “Generate a personal blog from your DEV Community posts”. You can check this and then surely you will have a separate blog for all your posts on dev community.

There’s a lot more features to try and I insist you to check the Dev Community platform as it helps you to create a great community and helps to meet developers from different part of the world.

Want to explore Dev Community or check my Dev Profile -

1. Hashnode

freesnippingtool.com_capture_20210707214631.png Hashnode is a free developer blogging platform that allows you to publish articles on your own domain and helps you stay connected with a global developer community. Yes, that’s right it allows you to publish articles on your own domain. It allows you to read thousands of articles on their feed as published daily by several others – that’s what excite me a lot for Hashnode.

The most important thing about Hashnode that it provides you with a personal Blog for your all articles and posts and the domain customization option which makes the Hashnode a stand-out platform for blogging purpose.

With Hashnode you can connect with several other developers, writers and publishers from all parts of the world and by visiting and reading the best technical articles on their feed it’s help you to enrich and boost your knowledge to next level.

Coming to the features of Hashnode let me tell,

  • You will have a several Blog and its dashboard for all your content and articles with the subdomain as or the custom domain of your choice.
  • You can customize the appearance of your personal blog using the pure CSS, to give a great feel and next level to your blog.
  • You can create different posts, pages and several series and link them to the navbar of the personal blog provided by Hashnode.
  • It provides you with the analytics section for your blog where you can check the views and find what all articles community finds interesting to read.
  • It provides you with a personal newsletter to connect people with you and widgets section where you can add different widgets of your use using some coding.
  • It also provides you with integrations like SEO for your blog, google analytics, google search console where you can work to rank your article pretty well on any search engine.
  • Also, it allows you to connect your GitHub and import, export and back-up your articles to GitHub, from GitHub and also using the RSS Feed URL.
  • You can also earn through several hackathons and giveaways if you are in the top 100 publishers based on the reading of your published post, also using the web monetization option you can earn for views on your articles.
If something is not listed here about Hashnode then sorry for that but there is much more to try and check about the Hashnode.

Want to explore Hashnode check -

Check my Hashnode Blog, after checking this you will be eager to start your blog on the Hashnode platform, visit -


So, each of these platforms are great to start your blog and show the readers and audience what you have got in your hands. Coming to the conclusion which is the best platform to choose then I will suggest you with two options

First, if you are very good with SEO techniques i.e., Search Engine Optimization and knows very well how to rank your articles on the top of any search engine then you can go with either Blogger or the WordPress.

Secondly, if you don’t have any idea about SEO then surely go with either Medium or Dev Community or the Hashnode. In my opinion Hashnode is the best platform to start your blogging career as it provides you with all the things needed to write the Blog.

That’s what we have in this article…With this hope you find the platform that suits you. Drop a link to your blog in the comment section if you started your Blog after reading this article.

Thank you for Reading, would Love ❤ to hear your valuable feedback.

If anything is confusing or incorrect then let me know in the comment section. Thanks, from my side, this is Mayank, keep learning and exploring!!

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